Over the years, my looks have changed dramatically. So has my art. My love of art is just as strong as ever but my interests have grown other directions. 
    Watercolor is still my first love but I have discovered Water-Soluble Oils and Polymer Clay.  I had done some oil painting in the past but had problems with my allergies.  The water-soluble oils are a wonderful new product that changed all that.  They look, act and feel just like regular oil paints but they thin with water or other specially formulated mediums.  There are no strong odors and no need for any turpentine. The best part is you clean up with water. Yes, water. The mess with oils is gone.
   I have expanded my painting subjects to include landscapes and seascapes.  I still donít do barns though.  I consider myself in the learning stage so there are not a lot of paintings on my oil painting gallery yet. Changing from watercolor to oils is a real challenge. Iím having a lot of fun teaching myself something new.
   Iíve also been working on beaded jewelry. I learned from another jewelry artist how to work with size 15 Miyuki beads.  They are as tiny as a grain of sand. I have this microscope thing that I strap to my head and bead away. Mixing different stone sand gems with these beads creates some very interesting pieces.  I hope you enjoy looking through my artwork. I will be adding many more so check back soon.
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